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Spectra2 is set to EOL

NetScout announced the End-of-Life date (30.08.2024) of Spectra2 recently.

Nevertheless, Electryon will continue to support the product beyond this point in time. The portfolio includes the known Services like Training, creation of Test Cases, customized scripting, all parts of maintaining Spectra2 and of course as one major topic Test Automation.

Based on our focused strategy to deliver high performance testing solutions for mobile Networks and to be one of the preferred Neutral 3rd party testing vendors we decided already some time ago to go with Evolver test tool from Emblasoft/Stockholm, so far mainly to fill Spectra2 gaps.

Among others Evolver supports most of the Spectra2 use cases on a modern, distributed/ scalable system architecture. If you plan to swap your Spectra2, don’t forget to have a look at Evolver. We're happy to help you find out if your use cases are supported by Evolver and what we can do better with it.

Of course, we also offer our above-mentioned portfolio for Emblasoft/Evolver. We look forward to continuing our cooperation.

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