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Test Automation

Accelerate development of test cases, accelerate testing through automation all that is necessary to save time and budget. But what’s the right level of test automation?




Coming to the Testing challenges:

CI/CD is a practice that enables application development teams to release incremental code changes quickly and frequently.

Continuous integration (CI) enables code changes to be regularly created, tested, and merged to a shared repository. Its aim is to avoid conflicts that might arise from different developers working on different features of the app, and therefore save time further on down the line.

Continuous delivery (CD) is the second stage of CI/CD and enables the deployment of code changes to a testing environment and/or production environment in short development cycles.

…but how to implement CI/CD e.g. in NO Labs?


The answer is not so simple. Vendors offer expensive test tools, on top a expensive automation environment and not to forget Service/Maintenance and subscriptions on a yearly base. Propagated cost reductions will not happen in near future and be eaten by increasing service and subscription costs.

Start discussion about the right level of automation with us. All of our partner products support REST API for integration into virtual and cloud-based test labs. We are happy to integrate them in your environment.

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