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Why Choose Electryon?


The experience side of business

Our long industry experience and know-how of listening to and understanding customer requirements helps us to offer best supplier independent solution which meet’s them.


The human side of business

The relationship with our customers is very important for us. When we provide a product, it’s just the begin of a long partnership. Our continued support, and immediate feedback in case of need is how we build trust. We help you to translate your needs into testing methodology, execution and reporting.


Focus on essentials

Scripting, Testing, Analysis, Reporting e.g. as part of a PoC is main part of our daily work - let us take care of it!


We are not responsible for that...

Not with us, on all products of our partners we will be your single point of contact for Installation / Operation /  Maintenance / Upgrading.

With our professional Expertise and Services Electryon is there every time you need ease of mind to focus on your daily work.

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