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Mobile Roaming & Security Testing & Billing Verification

Mobile Roaming

Due to the interworking functions of different technologies and interconnect partners, Roaming is undeniably complex. Today’s virtualized networks makes it significantly more complex.

With our Roaming Testing we support 2G, 3G, LTE, CSFB, VoLTE, IoT, 5G, and Emergency Services. These includes core testing as well as end-to-end active testing with real mobile phones. The alternative approach of using real mobile phones, helps us to overcome the “Encryption” challenge – as encrypted end-to-end services are not visible to passive monitoring solutions.

Let’s have a look at 5G Roaming as Example. 5G System (5GS) networks making use of the 5G Core (5GC) can interconnect and/or interwork when users roam onto a network different to their HPMN (Home Public Mobile Network). The SEPP (Security Edge Protection Proxy) is part of the roaming security architecture. A view in the 3GPP standard shows the complexity of all involved Network Functions.

That’s where we can come into the game. The initial test effort usually begins with functional testing of an individual network function. From there, more complex procedures and use cases must be tested with varying message content and flows. Than you can start with testing roaming procedures, for example:

  • Nnrf NF_Discovery Request / Response

  • Nausf_UEAuthenticate (from AMF to AUSF)

  • Nudm_UEContextManagement_Registration

  • Nudm_SubscriberDataManagement_Registration/ Deregistration

During the testing period, different entities needs to be emulated individually, and then in their entirety, performing registration, attach, location update and detach procedures. Leverage Electryon’s expertise and experience and leave test preparation, Creation of Test Cases / update test cases to new 3GPP releases / Customized Scripting / Configuration / Execution, Reporting in Electryon hands.

Security/Firewall Testing
Functional Test for verifying correct and incorrect message syntax and content as well as Load Test to verify high load, load balancing and stability are necessary to find vulnerabilities in your network. The risk is there that Personal phone calls and messages can be monitored, Network & subscriber data can be modified or User privacy and revenues from key services are under threat just to name some of them.

Recommendations for Testing

  • Firewall SMS: Home Routing, Grey route, A2P control, Simbox mitigation

  • Firewall SS7 interconnect: Categories 1/2/3 (GSMA FS.11)

  • Firewall Diameter interconnect: Categories 1/2/3/LowLayer (GSMA FS.19)

  • Firewall GTP-C interconnect: Categories 1/2/3/LowLayer (GSMA FS.20)

Billing Verification
The billing chain complexity is constantly increasing.  The main challenges is to ensure that services are delivered correctly and at the right price to maintain satisfied customers.

We can help you verify your OCS for voice, messaging and data for interconnect scenarios covering SS7, Diameter and 5G based technologies. This can be performed in both a load scenario or as active automated testing where we integrate with your services.

Example: Simulating PCRF with users that are applying Roaming Services (such as SMS, MMS, Data-usage, Data-limitation, MO and MT Calls) and verifying the correct signaling and account status.

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