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Mobile & IMS Network Testing for Operations

Active Monitoring
Yesterday’s physical networks were static, not provisioned dynamically, and rarely changed. Operational assurance was done by passive monitoring, capturing and analyzing services, network traffic, or traffic statistics, at specific points in the network. Less suitable is that operation for today’s mostly cloud-native, crypted, virtualize and dynamically provisioned significantly more complex network environments like in 5G.

Here each service has its own set of specific parameters and metrics that need to be measured. As an example KPIs and performance requirements for autonomous cars are different to Video Streaming to a smartphone.

So End-to-end service validation and assurance are essential to operate today’s networks. Active monitoring helps to ensure high QoS with real-time, end-to-end visibility across multiple network domains (core, transport, and different cloud infrastructures (public, private, edge).


Active Monitoring using true mobile phones
One of our partners offers a testing automation and orchestration engine, being the core platform for testing to support service testing of SMS, Data and Voice services using true mobile phones. The phones can be distributed to different sites or countries. The Web-Console to control the Phones is running in Amazon Web Services (“AWS”). Start with a one-Month rental to get a first impression of such a tool!


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