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Mobile & IMS Network Testing for Labs and Pre-Deployment

Our protocol expertise together with the tools of our partners allows us to offer protocol and media testing capability across multiple technologies like 5G, IMS, VoIP, PSTN and WebRTC.

Depending on your need, we will install testing platform in your virtual environment to maximize flexibility and elasticity or deliver a dedicated Server with specialized network adapters to provide optimal flexibility and highest available performance.

In principal we differentiate between five basic pillars of network testing:

  • Functional Testing – for the purpose of proving the functions and features of a device, application, or network function

  • Load / Stress / Performance Testing – to validate network capacity and performance

  • Negative Testing – for the purpose of ensuring that the network can survive protocol errors or malicious  attacks

  • Media Quality Assurance – to validate the quality of Audio, Video, and other sources of media

  • Test Automation – to ensure that testing and regression cycles are as efficient as possible


Create real-world traffic models out of a Wireshark trace, that’s how we typically start our scripting.

Mobile World - 2G/3G/4G/5G Mobile Core Testing

Beside the 5G projects, we have carried out testing of virtual Mobile Core Elements (HLR, HSS, PCRF, OCS, MSS…) for both high load, load balancing and stability testing was one of our last projects. In moving to the Mobile Core to virtual environments we see new challeges that we can address through our experience and by having tools that are developed for working specifically in VM environments such as VMware, Kubernets, and Dockers.

Test tool capability to control multiple protocols in a single scenario, along with the stateful media sessions at a high performance, enables us to simulate nodes quickly, as needed, to test and measure customer QoS. Comprehensive testing of Media gateways, transcoders, session border controllers, and other VoIP applications are supported. Using an optional Media Accelerator NIC or multiple VMs, load tests can emulate hundreds of thousands of endpoints, using both compressed and uncompressed codecs, and test QoS on each session.

The tools are powered by advanced signaling and media generation capabilities that enable high performance testing of protocols like SIP, Diameter, Megaco, ISUP, TCAP and RTP. This broad coverage of protocols helps you test and tune the following network nodes in the IMS Core:

  • Call Server Control Function (CSCF)

  • Home Subscriber Server (HSS)

  • Diameter Routing Agent (DRA)

  • Policy Charging Rules Function (PCRF)

  • IMS Application Servers (IMS-AS)

  • Media Gateway Control Function (MGCF)

  • Media Gateway (MGW)Media Resource Function Controller (MRFC)

  • Media Resource Function Processor (MRFP)

Load testing of virtual IMS Elements (TAS, A-SBC, I/P/S-CSCF, VOBB) while simulating Mobile Core Elements was another one of our last projects.


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