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5G Training Basics-Core-Roaming

Understanding 5G requires knowledge of the network architecture, interfaces, and key operations. Our new training explains the generally tasks of the network functions of the 5G system (5GS), describes the 5G interfaces and explains central procedures as well as signaling flows through the entire 5G system with focus on Roaming.

Course Contents

  • 5G Basics Full System Architecture – both RAN and Core

  • 5G Core Network Functions and their roles Network Functions involved in Roaming Basic Call Flows Security Mechanisms

  • 5G Roaming Call Flows in Roaming Advanced Call Flows Roaming Security Issues in Roaming Home based and Local Roaming

  • How to Test 5G capabilities Wireshark walk through – Analysis of call traces Working with new 3GPP releases

  • Live Test Cases

This 5G training is designed for anyone who wants to gain an understanding of the network and protocol architecture and signaling flows of 5G especially in the Roaming area.

Online or on-site training, whatever Corona will allow can be offered. For further information, please get in touch.

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