Spectra2 meets all of your VoIP testing requirements by providing extensive protocol and media support for your SIP/H.323-based VoIP networks.  It offers features for the widest variety of testing scenerios – giving you flexibility in your testing needs.

Load/Stress Testing
Generate signaling and media traffic with optional authentication and security functions to verify the MGC/softswitch, MGW, and other VoIP nodes

Conformance Testing
Validate VoIP systems using a library of test suites provided to ensure system compliance to standards specifications

Functional Testing
Verify each message, parameter, and procedure for your Device Under Test to identify successful and failed VoIP calls

Media/QoS Evaluation
Measure audio and video service quality based on MOS, PESQ, R-factor, VSTQ, and other algorithms

Network Monitoring
Capture data and evaluate statistical results using call trace, message filtering, and message decode features to evaluate system performance