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Did you ever hire DDoS attacks for testing your mitigation solution?

Suppressing a DDoS attack is a complex process that is often spread across applications, on-premises Mitigation solutions and cloud-based services. Verifying that these systems are configured properly and can handle the anticipated load is a critical step in preventing downtime from an attack. Find below some of our learnings and how we can help testing your Mitigation solution.

DDoS-Attacks-for-Hire in the dark web

NETSCOUT’s ATLAS Security Engineering & Response Team (ASERT) researched the top 19 validated DDoS-for-hire services and captured the types of attacks, purported number of users, and the costs to launch attacks. Please find complete report below:

Download PDF • 5.86MB

Preferred DDoS Testing tool: SpectraSecure

What about verifying the ability of your DDoS mitigation to withstand various degrees of DDoS attack vectors? SpectraSecure is a solution that tests DDoS attack resilience of applications and networks before an attack happens.

SpectraSecure allows users to configure DDoS attack scenarios using the latest attack vectors at selectable bandwidth levels. Users can combine attack vectors and design their own packet content to create real-world DDoS scenarios in a controlled environment. Rent or buy - your choice!

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