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Can you monitor your TLS encrypted 5G Core Messages - Spectra2 can!

NetScout Spectra2’s 5G Core Network Toolkit supports comprehensive testing of 5G core network functions and procedures. As a true multi-user solution, it supports a wide variety of test scenarios, from a single network service to testing complex procedures involving multiple network functions. Message content and flows can be variated according your use case with features like:

  • 5G Message/Script Builder: Build 5G template messages from 3GPP standard YAML files or import complete call flows from PCAP captures.

  • HTTP/2 with enhanced visualization: Speed debugging and analysis with text-based visualization of complete HTTP/2 5G messages.

  • In-Call Database: Support comprehensive procedure testing where context is maintained across multiple network functions.

  • TLS encryption: Where TCPDUMP, Wireshark… will be blind – by Spectra2 sent and received messages are shown TLS unencrypted in Capture.

  • Flexible Scripting: Develop test cases to test specific scenarios, including error conditions.

  • Test Automation: Start with Spectra2 scheduler or directly with RestAPI control.

Spectra2’s automated 5G message generation and flexible scripting interface allows users to test all aspects of a 5G core network including:

  • Functional testing of a network service and complete procedures

  • Regression testing

  • Multi-vendor interoperability testing

  • Replication of vendor-specific message flows

  • Vendor bake-offs

  • Negative testing

  • Turn-up testing

  • Recreating scenarios based on problem reports

  • New 5G use cases such as network slice selection

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