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DDoS Resilience Testing & Lab Automation

Verify DDoS Attack Resilience before an Attack happens

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks can target any application or service that is reachable from the internet . Web servers, DNS servers, routers, session border controllers, and many other services are constantly subject to attack. Identifying and mitigating these attacks is done using on-premises solutions, cloud-based solutions, or a hybrid solution combing both.

DDoS mitigation is not static. With the power, sophistication, and frequency of DDoS attacks rising, DDoS mitigation must continually evolve in order to protect against the latest attack scenarios. But how can you be sure you are protected? Waiting for an attack to happen to test your resilience is a risky proposition. NETSCOUT’s SpectraSecure solution helps you eliminate that risk.

SpectraSecure tests DDoS resilience in a controlled manner using configurable threat vectors that can mimic the malicious traffic launched by botnets. SpectraSecure utilizes test-botnets to simulate real-world attack scenarios in a customer’s controlled environment. Using SpectraSecure, you can validate the resilience of any potential target, including networks, applications, and services. Test attacks launched by SpectraSecure appear massively distributed, even when the test-botnet consists of a small number of Virtual Machines. A single test using a volumetric attack vector may appear to originate from millions of unique endpoints.


L1-Lab Automation

The global spread of COVID-19 has not only changed the routine of our daily lives, but also how and where we work. With the sudden and dramatic change in how our workforces do their jobs, it’s more important than ever to ensure the services they need to conduct business are available, reliable and performing at a high level, from any remote location. We can help.

Our Test Lab Automation solutions are designed to keep your test lab running with minimal on-site staff. Not only do we enable remote access to labs, but we help make your lab far more efficient than before.

This Solution set, developed through years of experience within this market vertical, are recognized as the most secure, fully redundant and transparent in the industry.

A NETSCOUT Test Lab Automation solution, utilizing the nGenius 3900 Series for Test Lab Automation and TestStream Management Software, simplifies the network while providing instant and assured moves, adds, and changes.

We understand the challenges you face in today’s complex test Lab environment. Let us show you how our solution enables test Lab automation. Get in touch for any further information’s.

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