Network Optimization


Improving Efficiency in 3G Network Optimization With the launch of new high-speed data services on 3G networks, optimization teams are quickly finding that what worked in the past is now time-consuming, limiting, and always expensive. Drive Testing is a great example of this. 3G Operators that are exclusively relying on Drive Test for performance management and problem resolution need to quickly consider alternative approaches to remain competitive.


Tektronix Communications offers a new approach to Network Optimization with OptiMon – a protocol-based solution that can increase efficiency and productivity while simultaneously lowering costs associated with Drive Test.OptiMon is an integrated suite of products that gather performance data from all the equipment on the 3G RAN interfaces (Iub, Iu, Iur). Captured data is analyzed to provide KPIs and long term trending analysis.


Beyond detecting performance issues, users can also drill down into protocol detail level to determine root cause analysis.OptiMon’s unique feature set makes Radio Network Optimization and troubleshooting of mobile networks more efficient. At the same time, it provides measurements and analysis results that are not provided by other test tools.