Why Electryon Communication Professional Services

Enable Business Value Faster


Now communications technology has been virtualized and moved to the cloud. We are leaders in delivering the strategic best practices to transform your network element testing into engines of revenue generation and customer satisfaction.

As network complexity and usage continues its exponential growth, we recognize that our mainly operator customers’ success is built upon an ability to implement new technologies while providing the best end-user experience.

We can help you build on that success with a professional services portfolio that is organized into five main practice areas:

Providing advice through technology best practices   How to test & using which tool is most suitable
Implementation Services
Services to fit your custom requirements  
Creation of Test Cases
Custom Scripting on Spectra2
Integration Services  
Customizing / configure Spectra2 to work together with SUT and other NEs  
Deploy Spectra2 on a dedicated COTS server or VM
Managed Services
Services allowing you to focus on your core competency
We will do your Load- / Functional Testing
Learning Services  
Custom Training
Spectra2 and /or IMS, PSTN, 5G Technology Trainings
Using our experts remote or as on-site resources        

Our experience helping you to rationalize and optimize technology investments, we’ll help you use your Spectra2 in ways you never thought possible.

Recent projects

Below you will find some recent client projects out of different areas that we have accompanied and completed:

1. Mobile Core
Load testing of virtual Mobile Core Elements (HLR, HSS, PCRF, OCS, MSS…) for both high load, load balancing and stability testing
Load testing of virtual IMS Elements (TAS, A-SBC, I/P/S-CSCF, VOBB) while simulating Mobile Core Elements
3. SS7 and Diameter FW
Functional Test for verifying correct and incorrect message syntax and content
Load Test to verify high load, load balancing and stability
4. OCS Billing Verification
Simulating PCRF with users that are applying Roaming Services (such as SMS, MMS, Data-usage, Data-limitation, MO and MT Calls) and verifying the correct signaling and account status. 

Learning Designed For You

Increase your team’s expertise with our learning services programs. We offer Professional training as well as advanced user training, seminars, and customized solutions. What’s more, we’ll tailor your learning to your needs and your locations.