Network Testing with an Innovative Solution NSA is a suite of fully-automated software applications for troubleshooting and optimization of mobile networks and services. NSA allows multiple users to trace subscribers’ calls both in real time and offline as they travel across the network over multiple interfaces and over several network elements, such as control plane and user plane analysis.

Identification of network problems and service quality degradation, from the symptom down to the root cause, becomes tremendously fast and easy. Its capabilities and benefits can be realized across UMTS (including HSPA), WiMAX and 2.5G/2G (Core, GERAN) networks. It is designed to support the K18 and K15 platforms.


As a result, time required to obtain and analyze data from across all wireless mobile networks is greatly reduced, and carriers can realize improved network efficiency and effective optimization of infrastructure.

Key performance indicators with breakdown per service (e.g. voice, video, and packet), per network element and per call per subscriber is essential to narrow the scope of the problem and isolate the ultimate root cause. Multi-Interface call/session trace enables rapid identification of issues down to root cause to allow you to focus on fixing issues, not finding them.


Optimize drive test operations by advanced Iub analysis; Improve network planning activities where drive test is not feasible (indoor areas, pedestrian zones); Reduce time for network reconfiguration tasks by identifying areas of extensive or insufficient cell overlap.

NSA’s fully automated Network Topology application enables you to effectively troubleshoot your live network. This allows you to analyze data in less time by allowing you to focus on the problems instead of configuring the tool to find the problem.