Spectra2 IMS/TISPAN Test Spectra2 meets all your needs for IMS/TISPAN core network, access technologies, application services, and interworking with external IP and legacy/mobile networks.Features and BenefitsSpectra2 offers the following features for the widest variety of testing scenerios, including SIP, H.248/Megaco and Diameter – giving you flexibility and higher performances in your testing needs:


Load/Stress TestingGenerate IMS/TISPAN traffic to load/stress test your Systems Under Test based on your traffic profile, including calls per second, simultaneous calls, packet size and rate, and call hold time.


Functional TestingProvide normal and abnormal test scenarios to verify your Device Under Test, including CSCF, HSS, AS, MGCF, and other network elements, with easy and effective test solutions to improve productivity when testing the most critical protocols such SIP, H.248/Megaco and Diameter.


Media/QoS EvaluationMeasure audio and video service quality based on MOS, PESQ, R-factor, VSTQ, and other algorithms.


Network MonitoringMonitor your IMS/TISPAN networks for system maintenance to validate system performance.