Solutions for Today’s Networks
Spectra2 provides protocol and media test solutions across multiple technologies in an easy-to-use single, scalable platform.Spectra2 supports the following technologies:
IMS and TISPAN/SS7/ISDN/Mobile Core/VoIP.

 Spectra2 makes your testing requirements fast and easy with a wide variety of features:

Load/Stress Testing
Create real-world traffic models for the purpose of stress testing and validating network performance. The powerful and productivity-oriented platform includes SIP, H.248/Megaco, Diameter Test Solutions as well as coverage of XCAP/HTTP/RTSP and RTCP for a thorough and accurate validation of NGN development projects.

Conformance Testing 
Perform standards-based conformance testing to ensure protocol compliance to specifications.

Functional Testing
Execute positive and negative functional test cases to validate feature performance.

Media/QoS Evaluation
Measure Quality of Service and validate media path integrity.

Network Monitoring
Monitor networks, generate statistical data, and analyze network performance.